To recite the Buddha’s name is to invoke our original nature. By invoking the Buddha’s name, we bring forth the Buddha of our original nature. That is the true meaning of reciting the Buddha’s name.


-- Grand Master WeiChueh

Special Announcements

The Compassionate Samadhi Water Repentance Ceremony & Memorial Service -11/16 Sunday 9:00AM–5:30PM

 "The Compassionate Samadhi Water Repentance 慈悲三昧水懺法會 " stresses on washing off past hatred with "Samadhi Water. "Samadhi" means "Proper Concentration" which is a state of absorption when the mind is focused on percepts, kindness, and compassion.

Dharma Master ZhiZhuen, also known as WuTa National Master of the Tang Dynasty, wrote the article titled "The Compassionate Samadhi Water Repentance" after Venerable Master Kanaka had cured a sore on his knee called "Sore Resembling Human Face". Curing this sore had resolved his feud with his past life's enemy.

Through repentance, reflection, forgiveness, and special offerings at this special ceremony, we can cleanse the improper karma from the past and dedicate the extraordinary merits of this special memorial service to our loved ones, all sentient beings, and world peace.

The repentance will be recited in Chinese; English transliteration (pinyin) of the liturgy will be provided.  All are welcome to set up  memorial tablets and/or other offerings.

Seven Days Zen Meditation Retreats -12/25/2014-1/1/2015

Meditation helps us focus, calm down, become aware, and begin to see things as they are. A properly trained mind is one ready for Awakening. All participants are required to  observe silence and stay at the Zen Center for the entire duration. 

Prerequisites: A) Enrolled in or graduated from Zen Center classes and/or serving as volunteers at the Zen Center.  B) Completion of a One Day Retreat, and Completion of 5 or more Half Day retreats  (equivalent to 20 or more sits on the Diligence Card) or Completion of 30 or more sits on the Diligence Card in the past 12 months. On behalf of Grand Master WeiChueh, founding Abbot of Chung Tai Chan Monastery, the Zen Center Abbot JianYing Shifu will transmit the Three Refuges  on January 1, 2015. Anyone interested may contact the Zen Center for application.

Dress code: Black robe and socks. There is no charge.  Open to Registration starting Oct. 15 through Nov. 15.

New Series of Classes (33rd session) Starting September 4, 2014



>> Register online or Manage your account    for Level  I & II & III Classes & Sutra Study Class

>> Fall 2014 Classes Schedule & the Description of Classes 

The Zen Center offers continuing series of weekly classes of different levels, starting every four months. Classes are conducted in both English and Chinese. Anyone interested can enroll, progressing from the beginning Zen meditation methods and fundamental principles to advanced sutra studies.

Each class meets for about two hours, consisting of meditation practice in the first hour and a lecture on Buddhist teachings in the second hour.

>> Dharma Events Calendar from August to December 2014

>>33rd Session of Zen Buddhism Classes   >> Google Calendar- Zen Center Classes & Events  

Celebrate 10 Years of Zen Joy with a Yearlong Focused Practice of the "Three Links of Cultivation."

Dedicate the merits of these efforts to the successful completion and Inauguration of the New Zen Campus.

A series of Zen practices dedicated to the  completion of the new Zen Campus in our 10th anniversary year is now underway. Following the principles of the Three Links of Cultivation, the Zen Center encourages all to practice sutra recitation to internalize the Dharma, prostrations of repentance to build wholesome connections with all sentient beings, and sitting meditation to cultivate samadhi (deep concentration). These focused efforts that integrate understanding and practice help practitioners benefit themselves as well as others on the Bodhisattva path, and it is our sincere wish to dedicate the merits of these efforts to the successful completion of the Zen Campus and to lasting world peace.

All are encouraged to practice the Three Links of Cultivation and make a collective commitment to complete the following practices by October 19, 2014.
The Cultivation of Dharma – Collectively recite the Diamond Sutra and/or the Medicine Buddha Sutra 10,000 times.
The Cultivation of Merits – Collectively make prostrations to the Buddhas 1,000,000 times.
The Cultivation of Meditation – Collectively meditate 10,000 sessions.

Goals: "A model of the Zen Campus motif representing the Three Links of Cultivation will be created to reflect the meritorious and cumulative efforts of everyone’s practice in building the Zen Campus."

* To record your cultivation efforts and to take part in building the Zen Campus motif, please obtain a "Zen Campus Dedication Card" from the reception desk at the Zen Center.

Starting from January 1st, 2014 , Please Bring Your Own Bowls & Utensils at Meals

For being environmentally friendly, starting from January 1st, 2014, we will no longer provide bowls and utensils at meals. Please bring your own bowls and utensils, and bring them back home for cleaning and storage.

    Five Contemplations Before A Meal 

    This offering is the fruit of many's work and care;
    Reflecting on my conduct, "Am I worthy of a share?"
    Be wary of the poisons, the foremost being greed;
    Seeing food as medicine, I take only what I need,
    Solely for cultivation, to realize the Buddha Way.
    With gratitude I accept this offering today.

Making a Lamp Offering-Lighting the Lamp Signifies Enlightenment & Wisdom

Offering the lamp to the Buddha not only honors the Buddha, but also helps us to awaken our luminous Buddha nature. With the Buddha’s wisdom and merits lighting our way on the Path, may we realize the Bodhisattva’s spirit within ourselves and illumine all those around us.

According to the Buddhist scriptures, one can obtain many benefits by making a Buddha lamp offering: good health / clarity of vision / purity of mind / freedom from fear and worries /  patience and gentleness /  attainment of wisdom / extinction of ignorance / receiving the light of the Buddha

We may also dedicate the merits towards harmony in the  home, peace in the world, and enlightenment to all. You can make a Lamp Offering in your name (or a name of your choice) for a period of one year (from Jan.1, 2014 until Dec. 31, 2014) by donating $100. This is a great opportunity for us to clear away karmic obstacles, support the precious teaching of the Dharma, and honor the Buddha. Let us all participate in this illuminating and worthy endeavor.>>For more information about making offerings

ZEN MEDITATION RETREATS - Sunday Morning Retreat

Zen is a state of mind, a mind of calmness, stability, and clarity. Meditation helps us to focus, calm down, become aware, and begin to see things as they are.

To achieve the Zen state of mind, proper meditation practice is very important. Meditation helps us to focus, calm down, become aware, and begin to see things as they are. A properly trained mind is one ready for Awakening. This is perfect for people who have practiced some meditation and want to advance their practice. All participants are requested to observe silence during the day.  Prior experience in meditation or in our Zen classes is recommended but not required. Free and open to the public. Regular attendance at these Half-day retreats will help build a solid foundation and  prepare one for advanced level of meditation retreats.

* Sunday Morning Zen Retreat - 4 sitting/walking sessions during the day. Each session is around 40 minutes. Date/Time: 9AM-12:40PM (Sunday) : 9/7‧14‧21‧28;10/5‧12‧26;11/2‧9‧23‧30;12/ 7‧14‧21 / 2014

Latest Updates

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Go Vegetarian One Day A Week-Be kind to your body. Be kind to the animals. Be kind to our planet.

If everyone make a slight change in our diet, we can make a real difference to our world. Director of IPCC, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, has stated that the meat and dairy industry contributes 18% of all the greenhouse gases that causes global warming. In comparison, all the air, land, and water traffic produces 13%. (IPCC shared the Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore in 2007.)
We are encouraging people everywhere to pledge "Go Vegetarian 1 Day A Week". (more than 1 day is even better, of course). Show your support by pledging (joining) the Facebook group -sign up to join Go Vegetarian One Day A Week we created. If you're not on Facebook, please make your pledge by signing up at the Zen Center of Sunnyvale. Our goal: 100,000 people. This will effect a change of lifestyle for human beings.>> Read More
>> Vegetarian Recipes - by Buddha Gate Monastery 
>> Buddhism and Vegetarianism -by Grand Master Wei Chueh
>> Renewable Energy-Power for a Sustainable Future by Diana Ma, Ph.D., a VP of SunPower Corp. 

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