Calendar of Dharma Events - Details
Event Title: Medicine Buddha Blessing Ceremony & Dharma Support  
Date/Time: 09/22/2019 (Sunday) | 09:00AM - 12:00PM  
Location: Chung Tai Zen Center of Sunnyvale  
Event Details:

The Zen Center together with all the other branches of Chung Tai Chan Monastery in Taiwan and worldwide will hold Medicine Buddha Blessing Ceremonies during the summer months. In these ceremonies, we will chant the “Medicine Master Lapis Lazuli Radiance Tathagata Original Vows and Merit Sutra.”


     By chanting the Sutra and making offerings, we will dedicate the blessings and merits to the Sangha, our families, all sentient beings, and world peace. All are welcome to set up blessing and memorial tablets and/or other offerings. 



      Please join us at this Medicine Buddha Blessing Closing Ceremony on September 22. Stay for the vegetarian luncheon and the Annual Meeting of the Dharma Support Association at which time the Abbot will award certificates of recognition to our devoted volunteers and appoint officers for the year 2019-2020.





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