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Event Title: Zen Workshop: Mindfulness at Work (Part II)  
Date/Time: 10/06/2013 (Sunday) | 01:45PM - 04:30PM  
Location: Chung Tai Zen Center of Sunnyvale  
Event Details:
“Our lives are the creation of our mind,” and with concentration and mindfulness we can begin to achieve greater insight into our own state of minds and free ourselves from entanglements.
Led by Jian Ying Shifu, this workshop will help participants cultivate simple habits of focus and mindfulness and apply them to increasing their awareness and communication skills at work. Unlearn habits and patterns that prevent us from being free, flexible and effective in whatever work situation we might find ourselves. 

Integrating Zen practice and mindfulness with your work life can improve listening and communication skills, establish leadership and team building skills, and enrich overall work and life satisfaction.  Participants will have the opportunity to solve real-life problems by using what they have learned during the workshop.  This interactive workshop will combine discussions, role plays, feedback, and ideas to help participants remember and practice concentration and mindfulness.

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