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Event Title: Buddhism in the Movies Workshop:Peaceful Warrior  
Date/Time: 12/05/2010 (Sunday) | 02:00PM - 05:00PM  
Location: Chung Tai Zen Center of Sunnyvale  
Event Details:

Led by Venerable Jian Hu, Abbot
Free of charge      >>Flyer

Movie Review --
The movie was based on a life-transforming and inspirational true story. A UC Berkeley junior first stumbled upon his mentor (nicknamed Socrates) at an all-night gas station. At the time, Millman [the student] hoped to become an Olympic gymnast. Socrates warned him that “You must cleanse your body of tension, free your mind of stagnant knowledge, and open your heart to the energy of true emotion.” Socrates proceeded to teach Millman the “way of the peaceful warrior.” First, Socrates shattered every preconceived notion that Millman had about academics, athletics, and achievement.  The central concept of “Soc”’s philosophy was that one must live entirely in the present moment. The secret of happiness, as he aptly pointed out, was not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy the overlooked.           

Zen  Moment --
After the movie, Jian Hu Shifu will prompt us to tease out these and many other interesting Zen-flavored themes in the movie. Then, drawing upon these themes, the Abbot will lead a discussion on deep mindfulness, seeing reality, facing difficulties, and the meaningful steps we take in everyday life.

It will be fun and stimulating!  Come join us and spend a pleasant afternoon at the Zen Center.




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