2013 Zen Center/Nearby Bay Areas /Other Cities & States Events Review


01/06/2013 (Sunday) 
 Workshop: Health and Wellness
01/08/2013 (Tuesday)
 The Recitations of the Liang Huang Jeweled Repentance 1/8-19
01/20/2013 (Sunday) 
 Liang Huang Jeweled Repentance Ceremony
01/21/2013 (Monday)
 New Series of 28th Zen Buddhism Classes Begin
02/10/2013 (Sunday) 
 New Year Blessing Ceremony & International Vegetarian Lunch
02/17/2013 (Sunday)
 Workshop:Evergreen Tuina & chinese Massage for Stress Relief
04/04/2013 (Thursday)
 Qing Ming Day Memorial Service
04/14/2013 (Sunday)
 88 Buddhas Repentance Ceremony
04/26/2013 (Friday)
 Three-Days Meditation Retreats 4/26-4/28
05/04/2013 (Saturday)
 Presentation: A pilgrimage to Buddhist Holy Sites in India
05/06/2013 (Monday)
 New Series of 29th Zen Buddhism Classes Begin
05/12/2013 (Sunday)
 Buddha’s Birthday Celebration Ceremony
05/20/2013 (Monday) 
 Daily Recitation of the Medicine Buddha Sutra Begins
06/02/2013 (Sunday) 
 Zen Workshop: Mindfulness at Work Place
06/16/2013 (Sunday)
 Medicine Buddha Blessing Ceremony
07/21/2013 (Sunday)
 Medicine Buddha Blessing Ceremony & Memorial Service
08/04/2013 (Sunday) 
 Workshop: Earthquake Preparedness & Safety Tips
08/07/2013 (Wednesday)
 Pilgrimage to Chung Tai Chan Monastery 8/7-8/21
08/21/2013 (Wednesday) 
 Meng Shan Food Offering Ceremony & Memorial Service (蒙山超薦法會)
08/25/2013 (Sunday)
 Medicine Buddha Blessing Ceremony & Memorial Service
08/31/2013 (Saturday)
 Three-Days Meditation Retreats 8/31-9/2/2013
09/07/2013 (Saturday)
 New Series of 30th Zen Buddhism Classes Begin
09/14/2013 (Saturday)
 Blessing Ceremony for 18th Annual SF Dragon Boat Festival
09/22/2013 (Sunday)
 Vegetarian BBQ Gathering & Certificates to Dharma Supporters
10/06/2013 (Sunday) 
 Zen Workshop: Mindfulness at Work (Part II)
10/12/2013 (Saturday)
 E-Waste and Metal Waste Recycling Day
10/13/2013 (Sunday)
 88 Buddhas Repentance Ceremony & Memorial Service
11/10/2013 (Sunday)
 Initiation Ceremony of the Ten Thousand Buddhas Repentance
11/23/2013 (Saturday)  Thanksgiving Zen Celebration
12/08/2013 (Sunday)  Workshop on End-of-Life Chanting & Support (in Chinese)
12/25/2013 (Wednesday)  12/25/13-1/1/14 Zen Seven Retreat&Three Refuges Transmission



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