Reflections on the 2012 Contemplation Retreat

Alexander Sheh   
The calming & insight text was very helpful for me, especially the teachings in emptiness, which I had only reflected on superficially before. Even though my understanding of emptiness is still not deep, some of the examples & the shifu’s teaching helped me contemplate them better.(especially in action)
I found that when I went home in the evening, I was less attached to my computer and the Internet. I was more able to let them go & to just go to sleep early.
I was more able to deal with boredom and silence, especially when doing tasks like folding the laundry, to be more in the moment and mindful.

Winnie Chu (傳蘊)  
The importance of extending calming and insight into daily activities and 6 senses- greater awareness of hindrances and their impact on our action and thoughts. Feel more resolved to practice more diligently and will at least put aside 15 minutes daily for meditation.

Kendall Smith ( 史闊寧 )  
Shifu’s teachings and guidance helped me in deepening my understanding of non-duality, and gave me advice for meditative healing for while I was immediately able to apply. Even though I had many afflictions physically and mentally beginning the retreat, I feel I have new methods or skillful means to address these afflictions, and realize I have elevated my tolerance for pain and control over minds false concept of attachment to the body.

Erica Wong

Definitely, the lecture I have learned a lot during these 7days. Shifu has explained the technique and dharma in a way we all can relate to in a systematic way. I truly appreciate his teaching. I will apply Zen not only in my sitting meditation but also in my activities moment to moment. Last but not least, I will share the calming and insight technique to people around me.


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