The Dharma Masters



 Venerable JianHu, Abbot


Venerable JianHu is the first overseas abbot of Chung Tai. He emigrated from Taiwan and attended high school in the United States. In 1993, he first met the Grand Master and was deeply impressed by his deep serenity and wisdom. This influenced JianHu Shifu to begin his journey toward realizing his original nature. After he earned his doctorate in Artificial Neural Networks from UC San Diego, he renounced the secular life and was ordained at Chung Tai Chan Monastery in Taiwan in 1994. In 2000, JianHu Shifu, with four other Dharma masters, came to northern California and established Buddha Gate Monastery, the first overseas branch of Chung Tai, to plant the seeds of Buddhism in the United States.

In 2004, JianHu Shifu established the Zen Center of Sunnyvale in Silicon Valley. Under his leadership the Zen Center became well-known locally, and demands for its programs increased rapidly. Besides offering Zen Buddhism classes and retreats, the Zen Center also hosts a variety of programs advocating vegetarianism, sustainable living, and interfaith dialogue. Over the years its vegetarian meals offered free to the Zen center participants have become famous in the Bay Area and many people come to the Zen Center to sample the cuisine.


Venerable JianXie, Vice Abbot


    The Zen Center of Sunnyvale welcome our Vice Abbot, JianXie Shifu, in April 2011. Incidentally, the word “Xie” means, “to assist or cooperate,” it is also part of the term “harmony.” An experienced Dharma Master, he had served as a vice abbot at The Zen Center of Sunnyvale in February 2005 and a vice abbot at The Zen Center of Houston in October 2010.  He also had served as the Liturgy Master, Managing Director, as well as Abbot at various Chung Tai Zen Centers in Taiwan.

    Back in his school days, JianXie Shifu had a fondness of Confucianism for its philosophy on improving oneself and social order. He also liked Chuang Tzu, a sage advocating the joy and freedom of soaring above material things and being one with nature. Unexpectedly he came across “Notable Words of Shakyamuni Buddha,” and was deeply drawn to the encompassing wisdom and truth he found that are more profound and complete than Confucianism and Taoism.

    Upon entering college, JianXie Shifu decided to seek a greater understanding of the Dharma. In the summer of freshman year, he participated in a seven day Buddha Recitation Retreat. On the last day, amid the continuous solemn chanting, he tasted for the first time the indescribable joy of the vast stillness and emptiness of body and mind. Nonetheless, he could not yet comprehend the true meaning of liberation. In pursuit, he attended a Chan Seven Retreat presided by Grand Master WeiChueh at a Chung Tai monastery. After immersing in the Grand Master’s sweet dew of the Dharma, he experienced a deeper appreciation and firmer faith in the meaning of the original true mind in Chan (or Zen) Buddhism.

     After completing the draft duties , JianXie Shifu joined the monastic order under Grand Master Wei Chueh, one of the living legend in Chan Buddhism. He completely dwelt in the study of the Dharma and received full ordination later that year.

     As the Vice Abbot, JianXie Shifu has been supervising the entire development and renovation process of the new Zen Center of Sunnyvale that celebrated the grand opening in April 2007. He is well respected for his dynamic teaching, unceasing stamina, versatility, and organizing skills.

     In addition to teaching the Dharma, JianXie Shifu continues to oversee general operations and building development and maintenance. He also looks forward to working in cooperating with all disciples to radiate the essence of Zen Buddhism to all sentient beings in the West.

Venerable JianAng, Executive Director & Financial Director



  Since childhood, JianAng Shifu has had the good roots for encountering Buddhism, having followed his family to different temples to pay respect and prostrate to the Buddhas. After serving military duty in 2004, he suffered the sudden loss of a beloved family member. This incident deeply impacted him and caused him to realize the impermanent and fleeting nature of life. It also brought about in him a strong resolve to delve into the Buddha Dharma and to untangle the delusions of life and death. 

     As a result, JianAng Shifu began to attend classes frequently at the Pu Zhong Meditation Center in Zhongli City, Taiwan. Under the compassionate guidance of the abbess, he attended his first Zen-7 Retreat at Chung Tai Chan Monastery in July 2005. He listened to the Grand Master’s inspiring lecture and words of great wisdom, upon which his whole being opened up to absorbing the teachings, helping him develop a strong conviction in Zen Buddhism. During a month long trial residency and practice at Chung Tai, he further realized that cultivation is the most important goal in life. Moreover, his determination to support the Dharma and its propagation had become firm and unwavering.

     In August 2005, responding to his true calling and finding his true “home” at Chung Tai, JianAng Shifu was ordained under the auspices of Grand Master WeiChueh. He attended the Chung Tai Institute for Monks, completing both the undergraduate and graduate programs.Since then, he has served as liturgy master and in other posts for various ceremonies at Chung Tai Chan Monastery. JianAng Shifu has a background in finance and has served as finance and docent director at Buddha Jewel Monastery in Seattle and as finance director at the Texas Pagoda Chan Monastery. Most recently, JianAng Shifu has been assigned to the Chung Tai Zen Center of Sunnyvale in March 2012 to serve as docent master and Dharma instructor.

      “The bodhisattva, like the moon, sails in serene emptiness; when our mind water is lucid and pure, the Bodhi reflection will appear.” Upholding the Grand Master’s teaching, JianAng Shifu vows to liberate all sentient beings, enabling everyone to resonate with the wondrous Buddhist teachings and to be enriched by the sweet dew of the Dharma.


Venerable JianYong, Docent Director


     Venerable JianYong is from a Buddhism family. Both his parents are dedicating volunteers at Chung Tai Zen Monastery. Aware of his special mission in this world since he was a little boy when he first visited the Buddhism temple. JianYong Shifu completed his Master's degree in Sociology and soon after was ordained a monk by Grand Master WeiChueh in 2011. Graduated as an honor student from the Chung Tai Buddhism University, JainYong Shifu was assigned to Zen Center of Sunnyvale on September 2016. Focused and determined to improve any task he is assigned, JianYong Shifu has dedicated himself to helping disseminate the Dharma in the West.





Venerable JianYong, Docent Director

 Venerable JianYong is in charge of the Zen Center's community relations activities as well as teachers assistant teams that support the Buddhism classes in English and Chinese. JianYong Shifu is originally from Taiwan, he has lived in Bay Area for more then 30 years. After 5 years Zen practicing and several Zen 7 retreats at Zen Center of Sunnyvale, he was inspired by the teaching of Grand Master WeiChueh and realized the Bodhisava path is the most important goal in life. Jian Yong shifu was ordained as a monk by Grand Master WeiChueh in 2011 then assigned to the Zen Center of Sunnyvale in 2015. For JianYong Shifu, the Zen Center's culturally rich and diverse membership reflects the broad appeal Buddhism has in individuals from all walks of life. With great compassion, he fulfills his commitment to share Dharma joy everywhere he goes.                  


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