Zen Golf - by Gus Wang (傳賢)

A golf swing is an aggregation of ball, club, grip, stance, arm, shoulder, body, legs, and your mind.

It is such a difficult game, but you will improve and enjoy it more and more over time.  Just like Zen practice.You need a good golf teacher as much as a good Zen Master.

Focus on each shot.  Think of nothing but this shot.

Drive the ball to the center of the fairway.  This is the middle way.

During critical putting, your mind maintains  clarity and stillness.

While walking to the next shot, see the course view, hear the birds singing, feel the breeze, but don’t think about anything.  There are no thoughts on your mind.

Maintain your awareness all the time, including good judgment of course management.

Throw a little rock to the lake and observer how the rock causes ripples and all the ripples disappear in a moment.

If your ball flies to the lake (water hazard), think about this bad shot as ripples on you mind.  Don’t get bothered.  The ripples will go away.

Watch the birds fly over the sky but didn’t leave any trace.  Can you do this with your mind ?

Losing is not a bad thing.  It makes someone (your competitor) happy.

Unless you can play golf the Zen way, you should spend more time at the Zen Center instead of the golf course.


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