Reflections on the 2011 Surangama Meditation Retreat

Julia Hsu
Thanks for Abbot Ven. JianHu's teach of the Correct understanding of the Pure Mind (full awareness). So I know outside sentient being and the universe are inside our "Pure Mind".  The purpose of 7 days retreat is to teach us how to reach "sudden enlightenment" if we simply does not rise any thoughts from our conditioned mind.  Lectures also cover important instructions on attain samadhi toward "ultimate enlightenment" through 4 steps: 1) seeing the way, 2) cultivating the way, 3) realizing the way, 4) assisting the way.  Through the teach, I discover the "joy" of meditation to attain inner peace.  I realize if we bring the Buddha's "compassion and Wisdom" to the world and all sentient beings surrounding us.  The "Pure Land" can manifest inside our "true awareness" also known as our "Bodhi Mind".


Christina Man (傳晴)
Pure awareness is not really separate from your consciousness (conditioned mind) but you need to immediately pull yourself back to your pure awareness and maintain in your pure awareness state as long as you can. Also you need to do your best to think from pure awareness's perspective when dealing with everything  rather than think from conditioned mind's perspective.  Need to learn to convert from knowledge to wisdom.  Practice, practice, practice; cultivate, cultivate, cultivate, so meditate! meditate! meditate!


Cathy Martin (傳韻)
I gained a much clearer understanding of the pure awareness and I gained many tools for meditation and mindfulness and practice from the Surangama Sutra.  This Sutra is clearly nothing less than a manual for attaining Buddhahood.  I can hardly believe my luck in encountering it.  


John Wilkins
Too many to list, but main one: just let go




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