Chung Tai Koans
Extra-ordinary in the Ordinary
Reality Check
The Master’s Smile
Chung Tai’s Milarepa*
The Cypress Tree
The Best Laid Plans
Don’t Wait Until Next life
The Fundamental Duty of a Monk
What It Means to Serve
Letting Go
Personal Merits and Group Achievement
Working out the Ego
Strike the Wooden Plank on Time
The Dharma of Walking
Hard-to-Find Opportunities
Whoever Comes is the Guest
Take Leave of Life and Death
One’s own Children
Foreman of the Foreman
Dissolving Karmic Obstacles
Earthworm Puzzle
Polishing Pebbles
Tofu Lesson
Now You Can Come Across
Learning of Non-Learning
The True Meaning of Non-Regression
Trees in Chung Tai
What Illusory Thoughts?
Never Too Old
Sharing Bitterness
False or Real?
Spilled Beans
Pointing Fingers
A Monk’s Calling
Assuming Responsibility
Hammer Dharma
Bouncing Ball
Not You
Birthday Party
What Time is it Now?
Too Tired
Accepting All the Blame
Sitting through the Night
Dharma Steps
Snakes and Cultivation
Dropping the Beat
Mirror Reflection

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