Dharma Lectures
Buddhist – Jewish Dialogue - January 28, 2018
From Bodhi Mind to Ultimate Enlightenment-by Grand Master WeiChueh
Gradual Cultivation and Sudden Enlightenment-by Grand Master WeiChueh
Abide in the Mahayana Mind-by Grand Master WeiChueh
Buddhism and Vegetarianism-by Grand Master WeiChueh
Nine Abiding Mind (九住心): Stages to Samadhi-by Ven. JianHu
Preservation&Adaptation:Challenges of American Buddhism & the Chinese Buddhism Experience-Ven.JianHu
Introduction to Buddhism-by Ven. JianHu
How To Change Your Life-by Ven. JianHu
Benefits of Meditation/Mindfulness of Breathing Zen-Seven Meditation Retreat-by Ven. JianHu
From "No Self" To Liberation: The Paradoxical Wisdom of Emptiness-by Ven. JianHu
Chinese Zen Masters: Lecture 1: Why Did Bodhidharma Come to the East?-by Ven. JianHu
Chinese Zen Masters: Lecture 2: The Illiterate Prodigy: Sixth Patriarch Huineng-by Ven. JianHu
Chinese Zen Masters: Lecture 3: The 7th and 8th Generation Chan Masters-by Ven. JianHu

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